The Song of Uriel

(excerpt from The Song of Sano Taro, by Nancy Fullwood)

Good people of the realm of Earth, I, Uriel, greet you on this evening of grace. I invite you into my realm of White Fire, and beg that you give your undivided attention while I tell a story that is difficult for aught but alchemists to comprehend.

When the gods, under the order of the King, attempted to fuse the seven primal Forces into a sphere of balanced Forces, the experiment failed, in that the Forces took control of their own motion and madness beset them. So vital were they that they heeded not the command to obey the law of harmony in the fusion of their forces, and as harmony is the one law of being, they became lost in chaos when promiscuity became the rule. The gods were sad indeed, for well they knew that these elemental children of the King would destroy themselves and the work which had consumed countless ages would have to be begun all over again. So they held a council, and the master alchemists of the King’s domain announced that there was only one hope of saving the situation. To be sure, the method which must be employed would cause the Forces great suffering, for the law has decreed that when harmony is not regarded, pain results.

The plan, which was decided upon in the council of the gods was this: first the vibratory motion of the mad forces must be lowered, or slowed, if you will, so that they would find themselves in what seemed narrow confines and limitations, because of their slow movement. When the gods succeeded in bringing them to the lowest vibratory movement possible, they had them well in hand. Bear in mind that these elemental children of the King were imbued with Free Will and power of reproduction, so it was a delicate matter to hold them in their right relation to one another. Sad to relate, they knew only lust, which caused them unrest and disintegration. Love was among them but they knew him not because of their lack of balance. Without Love there can be no cohesion. So he who is nameless, though he has been called by various names, each of which is a symbol of the essence of life, which the gods call White Fire and the people call Love, volunteered to give his essence, which is Love, to save the mad forces from destroying themselves. To accomplish this, he spread his essence over and through the dark mass, thus shedding his blood to save them. The alchemy of the gods is profound indeed.

Imagery is the wisest method in which to proceed. I place for your consideration a sphere of dark colour whirling in the other. The sphere was composed of seven elemental forces, separated one from the other. Now Love was in their midst, but only through their harmonious fusion with each other could they become conscious of Love. Love, who brings Hope as handmaiden, is always conscious of himself, so you sense the truth that Love offered himself as a conscious sacrifice to save the mad Forces. Ere this sacrifice could be completed, Love, whose vibration is high and swift, must lower his own movement and fuse himself with the negative Forces whirling in chaos, suffering with them the pain of limitation and lying with them in the grave of dense matter until they were quickened by his Fire, receiving thereby an impulse which will drive them on to perfection.

The days of creation are of great length. Three days passed ere Love’s seed was planted in the very heart of the Earth. Then, trembling with ecstasy, Love cried: “It is finished!” and the motion of the planet Earth was quickened and Earth shone with dawning light and Love rejoiced.

Be not dismayed at the lack of understanding of the people. I speak truth when I say that when it was known that Love had volunteered to lower his swift motion that the rebellious children might be saved, I, Uriel, volunteered to become the body of Love, the great unifying or cohesive principle in the universe. Only thus could Love’s swift motion contact the discordant forces, and through the crossing of them with his essence, bring about their transmutation by quickening their movement. So, clothed with Love’s fire, I fell like a burning faggot into chaos, pledged to remain Love’s channel of expression until he brought his sacrifice to completion, and the seven primal Forces were saved in spite of themselves.

Love’s burial in matter has been the keynote of all religions which have stirred the spirit of the people of Earth, and the profound belief, though often unconscious, in the resurrection of matter through Love has kept Hope alive within them, and when Hope lives within the people the gods are assured that they will seek understanding and find it. Adieu

I, Uriel, have spoken.

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