An extract from ‘Yoga for You’ by Claude Bragdon

The mistake is to regard love as an emotion, a feeling, a quality. Love is an element, as air is an element. It is a white fire that burns to destruction, or warms or illuminates or promotes growth or promotes frequencies. By the strange fact that people separate different frequencies of manifestation into spiritual or material, it is a material element, for no element is more material than any other. Love is an element as earth is an element. It is a chemical of the body without which the body is nothing. Let the focused ray of attention regard love as an element and its workings will be made clear to you.

In the true nature of love is the true nature of healing. In the knowledge of love is the knowledge of creation. In the practice of love is the science of the communal living of man. In the breathing of love is the secret of initiation.

Love is the only element of salvation. The peril of today is as nothing to the peril of the future if people continue to neglect the element of love. With it, the onrush of science will make abundance and leisure for all. Without it, the new knowledge will make unemployment and starvation. Love and mathematics are one. Without the order of mathematics love is injustice and discrimination.

Piety is outmoded. The gods do not want people on their knees every morning and night and behaving like apes in the meantime. They want them on their feet with their hands up and their arms outstretched to the light, looking, seeing, finding out and understanding. They want universal love, not because it is pious, good, religious, sentimental, or even good policy, but because it is pure, living scientific law. We all take part in involuntary creation, just as our bodies are filled with involuntary activities of chemical actions and reactions; but the powers given us to undertake voluntary creation have only been discovered by a very few people, and many have come to grief by using them selfishly.

There are only two things in the universe, power and substance. Love is the power which creates from the substance. There is the fashioner and the fashioned. All parts of creation take part in creation.

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