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a tarot card reader in Python

I’ve recently been helping some work colleagues get their heads around Python’s Flash web toolkit, and it seemed like a good opportunity to update my old Ruby tarot card reader to Python.

The app draws one or more randomly selected cards from a dictionary (hash) of 72 Tarot card description and image references.

The card images used are Arthur Waite’s deck, by artist Pamela Colman Smith. According to Wikipedia they are out of copyright in the US now and will be in the UK in 2022.

The source code to this app is here – please feel free to fork or re-use, there are no license restrictions.

a tarot card reader in Sinatra

The Hermit

This started out as a command line script when I was fiddling around with hashes in Ruby. Then a friend at work got me interested in Sinatra as a lightweight alternative to Rails so I had a crack at converting this ruby script to a web app. Turned out it was pretty straightforward:

(source code is here: